Kickhams GAC - Covid-19 update

17 March 2020

Kickhams GAC - Covid-19 update:
Further to GAA governing body advice, we continue to maintain the suspension of ALL club activities until further notice. Kickhams GAC take guidance from the GAA and direct you to the following PHA / HSE websites for up-to-date professional advice:

We are also mindful that there may be elderly, vulnerable adults and people self isolating in our community who might appreciate some help for example with shopping, collecting prescriptions or simply having a conversation with them. We encourage you to identify these people and forward their names, confidentially, to Julie Nelson our Health and Well being Officer (07799718716). Julie will determine how best we can help and will identify an appropriate member to do so.

Thank you for your continued understanding and support.

Colm MacGiollaEarnáin
An Rúnaí